Acavallo Dri-Lex Gel Half Pad


Available in Black, Brown or Cream



The highly shock absobent therapeutic gels on the Acavello Dri-Lex Gel Half Pad are made to non-toxic medical standards suited to going against the skin.The ‘tacky’ properties of this strong gel prevent slipping of the saddle in any direction.

Gel Half pad with merino lambskin front and back rolled edges, with a Dri-Lex lining which is a great breathable and wicking material. Which can be revered to the therapeutic gel pad on the opposite side for a non-slip pad.

This is a very useful pad for any horse owner.Available in sizes medium or large.

Available in Black, Brown or Cream

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Black, Brown, Cream

Numnah, Saddle Cloth and Pad size

Medium, Large