Dainese Balios 3 Childrens Body Protector – Black


  • Safety Standards: CE EN 13158:2009 and BETA 2009 level 3.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Flexible.
  • Crash Absorb material.
  • Breathable.
  • Ergonomic shape.


An innovative design that offers optimum safety, comfort and flexibility. The Dainese Balios 3 Childs Waistcoat Body Protector uses crash absorb material which ensures freedom of movement is achieved along with breathability.

The Dainese Balios 3 Childs Waistcoat Body Protector is the ultimate choice in safety wear, being one of the most comfortable and flexible body protectors on the market.

This innovative design is distinguished by a hexagon construction that, in terms of coverage and mobility, offers the highest efficiency. It features Flexagon technology, which redefines a new standard for protective comfort with its innovative construction.

The body protector’s entire surface is composed of hexagonal CrashAbsorb® memory foam elements assembled inside a tear resistant fabric. Each hexagonal tile is free to move in any direction, so the general structure of the garment perfectly contours the rider’s shape for unequalled freedom of movement, just like a second, protective skin.

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