Rambo Sweetitch Hoody with Vamoose




This Sweetich Hoody provides even extra protection to the dreaded flies and midges that ruin many a Horse’s life for the Spring Summer Season. The ultimate armour to make your Horse’s life more bearable throughout this season, effective for up to 20 washes. This highly durable Rug is treated with Vamoose which is a synthethically produced version of Permethrin, the naturally occurring biocide found in the Chrysanthemum family that repels flies. A neck and shoulder lining to prevent rubbing in this sensitive area with an extra long tail flap and deep belly drop to provide as much coverage as possible. A complimentary flymask is included to help guard the eyes and ears against the most annoying of insects.   Surcingles fasten straight to allow a nice flush covering of the belly to help prevent entry to flies and midges. The perfect rug for protection and comfort and to aid in keeping the sunrays off your horse’s skin in all areas that it covers.

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Rug Size

6'0'', 6'3'', 6'6''