ThinLine Trim to Fit Shims


Saddle shims you can use in 5 different ways!  Front, Bridging, Rear or a Full Shim AND Create EXTRA wither freedom. You can maximize the impact protection, by adding a full one if you don’t need to alter the saddle fit.


ThinLine Adjustable Shims for all Pads – Trim to fit, 5-in-1 shims!


The Adjustable Shims are perfect if your saddle needs altering or if you just want to add extra protection.

Benefits and Features of our Adjustable Shims:

  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Custom cut to ensure that there are no pressure points
  • Insert don’t slip in the pockets
  • Usable in 5 different ways!

5-in-1 shims

How can you use the Adjustable Shims?

The ThinLine Adjustable shims for all pads can be used in 5 different ways!
Front, Bridging, Rear or a Full Shim AND Create EXTRA wither freedom.

Why and when do you need Adjustable Shims?

ThinLine Adjustable Shims are used to aid a fit to a saddle.  We understand that horses can change their shape monthly, so take advantage of our shims to help accommodate for developing horses, rehab horses, or when riding multiple horses in the same saddle.

So in all this development, you are always able to balance your saddle correctly in every situation. Adjustable Shims can provide solutions for:

Do you choose ThinLine+ or Ultra ThinLine?

What is Ultra ThinLine?

ThinLine material

What is Thinline+?

It is the #1 choice of Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. Top choice of many great riders, for example, Kent Farrington rides every horse, every day in a ThinLinePlus Contour pad, and has done so for more than a decade.

Will the edges of the Adjustable shims create any pressure?

Our Adjustable Shims have been carefully designed by Master Saddlers. They are custom cut specifically for each pad with a tapered edge to ensure you will never have a pressure point. Our exclusive foam makes saddles fit better, and horses more comfortable.

Inserts stay put without shifting and you may stack up to three sets. We do not divide the pocket, allowing you or your saddle fitter to place the inserts precisely where your horse needs them.