Zandona Chafe Guard


S: cm 170 (chest girth cm 170/189 – girth 110-120cm)

M: cm 185 (chest girth cm 190/219 – girth 125-135cm)

L/XL: cm 200 (chest girth cm 220/249 – girth 140-150cm)

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BASIC CHAFE GUARD is an essential elastic bandage helping the protection of horses’ skin against the so-called “sore spots” and preventing the sensitive area subject to rubbing from being further stressed and weakened.


Made with high elastic fabric, it allows an increased sensitivity* with the horse and ensures the area subject to abrasions to regenerate and heal in optimal conditions.


Its structure is simple and minimal but guarantees an efficient protection for the horse.

Depending on a higher or lower intensity of use and on the use of spurs (which we strongly discourage), the product can have limited duration*.


BASIC CHAFE GUARD is equipped with a double Velcro fastening system.

The four loops (two per side) allow the connection to every type of girth to ensure stability

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